The Boettchers


The challenge in this project was in finding ways to open the kitchen and increase storage while constrained by walls restricting any expansion of the space. The only way to open the space was to remove part of the wall separating the kitchen from the living area, which meant we would lose some of the storage on that wall as is shown in these first two pictures.

Once we decided we could regain that storage by adding height and depth to the new wall cabinets, we were on our way.

Next was moving the fridge away from the corner. The new design would make use of the wall to the right, all the way to the sliding door.

They also really enjoyed having a small table you can see here, but that would need to become smaller because of the cabinetry we planned to add to the back wall. An island would be the solution here.

When you came up the stairs from the front entry to the home, you were met with a wall that separated the kitchen from the living area.

If we removed part of that wall, the new view would open up directly into the kitchen, so that became part of our plan.

Once the final design was completed, cabinets ordered, the remodel phase began. The first thing we did was to remove that part of that wall above the height of the base cabinets, leaving the lower 34 1/2" intact. This created the new open view directly into the kitchen.

The Boettchers Kitchen :: AFTER

This is a great view from inside the kitchen looking out into the living area to include a small island. The island is just big enough for breakfast and coffee for two, plus it actually added some base storage AND a work surface.

Also notice how open the view from the living room is now.

The new fridge area is much more convenient with increased usability and even gives us plenty of new storage spaces. This is a great new corner for additional workspace and storage.

Keith and Linda had a great deal of input and influence on the design as you can see in their lovely choices for the backsplash and flooring.

Final Thoughts from Joy

All in all...mission accomplished: Great new look, better working areas, increased storage, and an open concept that allows for lots of conversation from all around. AND it fit within their desired budget!

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