The Chamblisses

The decisions the Chambliss's made regarding their kitchen created a totally unique design. Not only did they decide to remove the wall between the kitchen and living area, they also decided to have their cabinets on the vaulted wall follow the vault. What you see in the two photo above is how their choice to also use wood plank on their ceiling created a totally stunning look.

While I had the expertise to make it happen, Warren and Libby's choices of natural Maple cabinetry, hardware, glass tile backsplash and countertop really are perfect.

The next photo shows the use of tall cabinetry to both add storage but also support the raised bar seating area.

On the inside of the bar (see below) there is a Super Susan in the corner, a trash base on the end and large drawers on the other end. It is also a great place to see how Libby used the different sizes of the bar pulls to bring out that contemporary look.

We did not create the wire strung stair rail as you can see in the next photo, I thought it was worthy of a view to give you ideas for redesigning your own railing.

Next is the unique SLATE Farm sink (left) with coordinating quartz countertop. Note the beautiful glass tile backsplash. On the backside of the island, they used the same hue of glass tile but chose the longer strips, turning them vertical so that it would round with the curve of the island (right).

Final Thoughts from Joy

I asked Libby and Warren to comment on their remodel experience and here's what they had to say:

"I feel like I live in a completely different house now, a house I really love and want to show off to my friends! Joy and her team really made this a pleasant experience. I got an impression from the get-go that Joy was very practical, down to earth, and concerned about keeping costs down. (And her shop is open on Saturdays— shockingly most others are not).

With all the experience she has with remodeling, I really appreciated her advice and ideas. She also has a very good team of people that did various tasks, real pros who took pride in their work—they exceeded my expectations for quality and craftsmanship. Our new hardwood floors are gorgeous and the cabinets are beautiful. I'll definitely go to Joy for future remodeling projects."

Thanks, Libby. It was a real pleasure to work with you and Warren. You did a great job on all your choices.

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