The Corrions

You can see from the BEFORE pictures below, they had large planter soffits running along the front and exterior wall of their kitchen as well as a side wall built to carry the load of the front soffit. While aesthetically pleasing, it really boxed in the kitchen and restricted making quality changes. The wall cabinets were only 30" high yet the ceiling above the soffits was open and vaulted. Without the soffits it would allow for dramatic change in design as well as creating increased storage. The pantry area, as depicted in the last picture, while adequate storage, was not the best storage available for the area nor did it lend any attractiveness to the kitchen.

The Corrions' Kitchen :: BEFORE

The Corrions' Kitchen :: DURING

Our proposal to them was that we remove all of the soffits in order to redesign and provide more storage and an up-to-date kitchen. While this seems like a huge expense and a massive undertaking, it really is not. The whole structure is just a facade, empty (see the "during" pictures). We had to deal with electrical and some plumbing but that was not difficult either and the expense was well worth the end result we achieved, as attested to by Doug and Vicki.

The Corrions' Kitchen :: AFTER

The kitchen is now totally open to their living area and the vaulted ceiling is now an accent rather than being hidden above the planter soffits. The wall cabinets are taller, staggered in height and depth with great crown mold accents. The glass in the cabinet doors is multi functional: (1) Keeps the long run of cabinets from just being a run of wood to now having an open feeling, and (2) The distorted glass allows Vicki to use the area for everyday dishes. The glass on the end is clear and allows her to feature family photos. The drawers are great for pots and pans and they use their cabinet garage as an enclosed desk area.

On the pantry wall we now have beautiful cabinetry pieces with roll out shelves for easy access of every item. Also adding to the openness of the area is their replacement of a rather large breakfast table by the windows with a smaller, cozier one for the two of them and for grandkids when they visit.

All in all, the transformation is dramatic and far surpasses anything we could have done if we had left the soffits. When I asked Doug what he would change he said, "There is not one thing we would change and that doesn't happen very often in a project of this magnitude." One of Vicki's comments was that we had given them ideas that no one else had and that communications were ideal throughout the whole process.

Final Thoughts from Joy

Doug and Vicki were amazing to work with. When we had minor scheduling issues, they adapted. When I needed a quick response from them, they were always available and interested. Their choices of cabinetry, countertops and tile were spot on, as you can see from the pictures. The choice of 6 x 6 tile with a single glass tile line sets off the backsplash without overpowering or conflicting with the granite.

In regards to materials used: the Cabinets are from Dynasty by Omega, cherry wood with a coffee glaze. The countertop is Geriba Beach Granite. The sink is the new low divide design from Blanco.

Subcontractors were Glenn Wall of Wall 2 Wall Restorations; Glenn Souder, Master Electrician; Clark Brothers Drywall and Tops in Stone, granite fabricator. My thanks to them always for their expert and professional work.

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