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Kitchens by Design takes pride in being one of the leading kitchen design and remodeling service providers in our community. Regardless of how big or small the project is, our company will see to it that each client is treated with the same level of importance and respect.

We serve clients residing in Black Forest, Monument, Falcon, Woodland Park, and Colorado Springs, CO. To get a better visualization of the quality of our work, take a glimpse of our projects.


The Bobnick Kitchen
There were several remodeling challenges, with the most significant being a fully dropped ceiling. Everything had been limited to seven feet, and the beam across the front had to stay. On this project, I worked with Jim DeSmith of DeSmith Custom Homes. Once I had the design completed, it was up to Jim and his crew to raise the ceiling, move electrical and gas around, add lighting, and rework the solid wood flooring (because the flooring had been added after the original cabinet had been installed).

All cabinets are by Omega Cabinetry Ltd out of Waterloo, Iowa. Cabinetry made in the USA was important to us and to the Bobnicks. Omega is one of the leading custom manufacturers of cabinetry in the USA. We used a combination of maple with oyster opaque finish with a soft caramel glaze on the main kitchen cabinetry and cherry, nutmeg with a coffee glaze on the island and accent molding. The Gheriba Beach Granite was the finishing touch. Tops in Stone were the granite fabricators, and I especially commend them for their beautiful detail work on the island.


The decisions the Chambliss’s made regarding their kitchen created a unique design. Not only did they decide to remove the wall between the kitchen and living area, but they also decided to have their cabinets on the vaulted wall follow the vault. What you see in the two photos below is how their choice to use a wood plank on their ceiling created a stunning look.

While I had the expertise to make it happen, Warren and Libby’s choices of natural Maple cabinetry, hardware, glass tile backsplash, and countertop are perfect. On the inside of the bar, there is a Super Susan in the corner, a trash base on one end, and large drawers on the other end. It is also a great place to see how Libby used the different sizes of the bar pulls to bring out that contemporary look.

We did not create the wire-strung stair rail, as you can see in the next photo; however, I thought it was worthy of a view to give you a few ideas for redesigning your own railing.

Note the unique slate farm sink (left) with coordinating quartz countertop and the beautiful glass tile backsplash. On the backside of the island, they used the same hue of glass tile but chose the longer strips, turning them vertical so that it would round with the curve of the island.

I asked Libby and Warren to comment on their remodel experience, and here's what they had to say:

"I feel like I live in a completely different house now, a house I really love and want to show off to my friends! Joy and her team really made this a pleasant experience. I got an impression from the get-go that Joy was very practical, down to earth, and concerned about keeping costs down. (And her shop is open on Saturdays— shockingly most others are not). With all the experience she has with remodeling, I really appreciated her advice and ideas. She also has a very good team of people that did various tasks, real pros who took pride in their work—they exceeded my expectations for quality and craftsmanship. Our new hardwood floors are gorgeous and the cabinets are beautiful. I'll definitely go to Joy for future remodeling projects."

Thanks, Libby. It was a real pleasure to work with you and Warren. You did a great job on all your choices.


They had large planter soffits running along the front and exterior wall of their kitchen as well as a side wall built to carry the load of the front soffit. While aesthetically pleasing, it boxed in the kitchen and restricted making quality changes. The wall cabinets were only 30" high, yet the ceiling above the soffits was open and vaulted. Without the soffits, it would allow for a dramatic change in design as well as creating increased storage. The pantry area, as depicted in the last picture, while adequate storage was not the best storage available for the area, nor did it lend any attractiveness to the kitchen.

Our proposal to them was that we remove all the soffits to redesign and provide more storage and an up-to-date kitchen. While this seems like a huge expense and a massive undertaking, it really is not. The whole structure is just a facade, empty. We had to deal with electrical and some plumbing, but that was not difficult either, and the expense was well worth the results we achieved, as attested to by Doug and Vicki.

The kitchen is now open to their living area, and the vaulted ceiling is now an accent rather than being hidden above the planter soffits. The wall cabinets are taller, staggered in height and depth with great crown mold accents. The glass in the cabinet doors is multi-functional: it keeps the long run of cabinets from just being a run of wood to now having an open feeling, and the distorted glass allows Vicki to use the area for everyday dishes. The glass on the end is clear and allows her to feature family photos. The drawers are great for pots and pans, and they use their cabinet garage as an enclosed desk area.

On the pantry wall, we now have beautiful cabinetry pieces with roll-out shelves for easy access to every item. Also adding to the openness of the area is their replacement of a rather large breakfast table by the windows with a smaller, cozier one for the two of them and grandkids when they visit.

The transformation is dramatic and far surpasses anything we could have done if we had left the soffits. When I asked Doug what he would change he said, “There is not one thing we would change and that doesn’t happen very often in a project of this magnitude.” One of Vicki’s comments was that we had given them ideas that no one else had and that communications were ideal throughout the whole process.


The Ecks really loved everything we did in remodeling their kitchen that they brought us back for a few more touches throughout their home. We can't take all the credit for how fantastic this looks, though; Kristin's amazing decorator touches and color coordination really make their remodels so amazing, warm, and inviting at every turn.

A Very Special Pantry

The Kitchen


“Another beautiful room from Kitchens By Design!”


The Garners’ new home has an amazing backdrop up in the Black Forest area—ideal for their lifestyle. However, the decor choices of the previous owners did not suit their taste, and the kitchen needed some serious upgrading. You should have seen the blue tile countertops, wood-planked ceiling, short 30" high cabinets, a doorway to the dining area that was too narrow, and other areas, such as a poorly placed desk, that just were not usable in the way they were purposed.

In the following three pictures, you can see the deep rich cherry cabinets on the island contrasted by lighter maple cabinets surrounding. The door style is unique with its “rope” feature, complimented by another “rope” in the crown molding. Cabinets are staggered in height and depth. Large pantries include roll-out trays that enhance storage. Double ovens add convenience, as does a cooktop on the island, and a separate microwave meets the Garners’ desired options. Topping off the beautiful stain choices and Dynasty Cabinets by Omega are the large valance over the window, the unique farm sink, and the stunning granite countertops.

Making it all come together was Larry Struble, contractor, Professional Remodeling.


The Gates did a great job of taking progressive pictures of their remodel. I appreciate their allowing me to use these ones from “before” and during the reconstruction.

In this situation, the walls were non-weight bearing, but there was a cross beam way above those, located at the center of the high-vaulted ceilings. This very large cross-beam was supported by a small 4x4 post that went from the floor to the ceiling. While the walls could come down, the post had to stay. When this happens, you just work around it. See the small enclosed kitchen and the walls that needed to come down between the kitchen and living room area as well as the post.

Sandy’s chosen cabinets are Dynasty by Omega; the countertops are Cambria Quartz. There is a slight change of color for the island top. Note that while the post is still there, it is not disruptive to the overall design.

Sandy, a teacher, loves to entertain and is a member of several groups. Once the kitchen was complete, she couldn’t wait to have her friends and groups over to enjoy the new kitchen and use the extended areas differently from before. They were amazed at the transition, but more than that, for the first time, they could all gather in one great room!


Sometimes, we have a situation where while the kitchen works but adjacent areas do not. In this home, there was a large expansive wall separating the kitchen and dining area from the living room. In that wall, there was an opening into a very confined bar area. Deb liked the area of the bar being open to the living area but wanted the rest of that wall gone. There was also a desk area just inside the doorway that they rarely used. Deb wanted her kitchen area cabinets to remain much as they were, but they need to be taller for more storage and a more current look. The first thing that I needed to know was whether or not that wall could come out. After meeting with her contractor, it was determined that he could remove the wall exactly as Deb wanted. Now, we could re-design the bar area with the desk area gone and include cabinets that were taller with additional features to improve upon what was there before.

Deb chose Dynasty by Omega cabinets in Cherry and found the perfect granite countertops to compliment them. One of the beautiful end results is a new bar that is open and inviting, larger than before, and with pendant lights. We updated the kitchen with the taller cabinets to include a few changes inside the cabinets, which would increase functionality. The mullion glass doors over the microwave are a lovely addition, and the granite was a beautiful choice. The Limoge remodeling was very successful! Thanks, Deb and Jerry, for the opportunity to work with you to accomplish your heart’s desire.


My first meeting with the McNichols was at my showroom. We looked at cabinetry, countertop materials and discussed the scope of work Kitchens by Design can provide as well as particular needs regarding the remodeling of their kitchen. Once they recognized that I could provide as much or as little of the actual remodel that they wanted me to do, that they could do some of the work themselves if they chose to, and seeing that the Dynasty by Omega line of cabinetry could well fit what they were looking for, we set up a time for me to visit with them at their home, take measurements and gather information regarding the particular design elements they were looking for.

Because the current kitchen could not contain all the cookware, utensils, bowls, etc., these items were scattered into other rooms and closets, causing them to make inconvenient trips into other areas to bring back items they needed to use for their food prep. Then when cleanup was finished, everything had to go back to those areas. Just too small a kitchen for 3 cooks!

What followed was collaboration on the different design elements I presented, making changes to fit their needs better as we determined them to be, choosing cabinets, wood, stain, and countertops. Once we were all in agreement on the design, cabinetry, pricing, etc. we moved forward, placing the order and setting the timeline.

Dean did a lot of the physical remodel himself, using his own electrician and plumber. They did a great job getting everything ready for the cabinetry and countertops. The result is a kitchen fit for two really good cooks and one professional chef and food enjoyed by all.

It was my privilege to work with the McNichols and create with them a kitchen they will enjoy for many, many years to come.


What makes a kitchen remodel “ideal” is when the homeowner puts their personal touch into it. KBD helped pull the design together, making sure they had all the best features and storage areas, but it was Tim’s eye for the basic layout before they bought this home, which transformed the space into the ideal kitchen you see here.

Tammy’s eye for the perfect combination of Pearl White for the main cabinetry, an island in Pecan with “Porch Swing” stained finish, and stunning black quartz countertops brought everything together. The final touch was her addition of reds and grays, which was met with agreement from all their friends and family. The antique window with all its great memories, hung in front of the window, adds nostalgia for a perfect finish and daily enjoyment.


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This kitchen is much like many all over Colorado Springs. You enter through the front door and find vaulted ceilings with the vaults meeting at the peak in the center of the large room. Walls divide the living room from the kitchen and often from the dining area as well. These partial, non-supporting walls have electrical and vent work within them, but they can come down, opening the area to one large room.

Paul and Kathy wanted the walls gone and wanted to do much of that work themselves. I worked with them to re-design the area into a very large kitchen to include a large island, pantry storage, and special features in their new cabinets. Kathy was resourceful in researching before she came to me, so she knew much of what she wanted—just not how to make it all work.

These first six pictures, taken by Paul, show you much of what was there before the walls came down. The kitchen area, as you will see, was small and confining with very limited storage and countertop space.

As you view the different pictures of the finished remodel, note the beautifully amazing tiger-wood flooring and the Cambria Quartz countertops. Their cabinets are from Dynasty by Omega. Here’s a view as you come through the front door. Now that differs vastly from the before pictures with all the walls that sectioned the room off. What’s special about this kitchen is what is inside the cabinets. One unusual area is an entry closet created from a typical tall pantry cabinet. A standard tall cabinet is only 24" deep, 22-1/2" on the inside, which is insufficient for hanging clothes. So, we made the cabinet 27" deep and put a hanging bar in the lower section along with a few shelves top and bottom—now you have a very nice coat closet!

The next area is the multi-storage area built over on the garage wall. Look at the storage possibilities inside those cabinets! See how the blind corner opens, and the first section pulls out, then folds left? You can reach inside and bring roll-out shelves forward, allowing total access to everything stored in that awkward blind corner. Above the ovens are the tray dividers, and in the corner wall, a lazy Susan sits with adjustable shelves.

Moving to the island, they put in a large gas cooktop with a large retractable downdraft system behind. Now they’re all set for those big family meals!

Except for a few minor things, Kathy’s comment, when I asked her what she’d change if she had it to do all over again, was “Nothing!”

Our goal at Kitchens by Design is to work closely with every client to achieve the very best possible end results. Whether it is a large project like this one or a small one like many of our others, the process is the same. We work together with our clients to make sure that when we conclude a project, our clients not only feel they have received the very best quality and service for their investment, but that they will enjoy their new kitchen for many, many years to come.


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