The Gates

The Gates did a great job of taking progressive pictures of their remodel. I appreciate their allowing me to use these ones from "before" and during the reconstruction.

The Gates’ Kitchen :: BEFORE

In this situation, the walls were non-weight bearing, but there was a cross beam way above those, located at the center of the high vaulted ceilings. This very large cross beam was supported by a small 4 x 4 post that went from the floor to the ceiling. While the walls could come down, the post had to stay. When this happens, you just find ways to work around it. See the small enclosed kitchen and the walls that needed to come down between the kitchen and living room area as well as the post.

Here's what it looked like as walls came down. Remember, we had to keep that pesky post!

There were nice existing wood floors, but we needed to add to them. Check out the new wood laced in with the old. This was all sanded and re-finished.

This next group shows the progression of the new cabinets being installed:



Sandy’s chosen cabinets are Dynasty by Omega; the countertops are Cambria Quartz. There is a slight change of color for the island top. Note that while the post is still there, it is not disruptive to the overall design.

These last two show their tile backsplash, laid in a subway style.

Final Thoughts from Joy

Sandy, a teacher, loves to entertain and is a member of several different groups. Once the kitchen was complete, she couldn't wait to have her friends and groups over to enjoy the new kitchen and use the extended areas differently from before. They were amazed at the transition but more than that, for the first time, they could all gather in one GREAT room!

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