The Limoges

The Limoge's Kitchen :: BEFORE

Sometimes we have a situation where while the kitchen works but adjacent areas do not. In this home, there was a large expansive wall separating the kitchen and dining area from the living room. (See below left.)

In that wall, there was an opening into a very confined bar area. Deb liked the area of the bar being open to the living area but wanted the rest of that wall gone. There was also a desk area just inside the doorway that they rarely used. (See below right.)

Deb wanted her kitchen area cabinets to remain much as they were, but they need to be taller for more storage and a more current look.

The first thing that I needed to know was whether that wall could come out or not. After meeting with her contractor, it was determined that he could remove the wall exactly as Deb wanted.

Now we could re-design the bar area with the desk area gone and include cabinets that were taller with additional features to improve upon what was there before.

The Final Kitchen

Deb chose Dynasty by Omega cabinets in Cherry and found the perfect granite countertops to compliment them. One of the beautiful end results is a new bar that is open and inviting, larger than before, and with pendant lights.

The kitchen with the taller cabinets was updated to include a few changes inside the cabinets which would increase functionality.

Final Thoughts from Joy

The mullion glass doors over the microwave are a lovely addition, and the granite were both beautiful choices. All in all, the Limoge remodel was very successful! Thanks, Deb and Jerry, for the opportunity to work with you to accomplish your heart's desire.

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