The McNichols

My first meeting with the McNicols was at my showroom. We looked at cabinetry, countertop materials and discussed the scope of work KBD can provide as well as particular needs in regards to the remodeling their kitchen. Once they recognized that I could provide as much or as little of the actual remodel that they wanted me to do, that they could do some of the work themselves if they chose to, AND seeing that the Dynasty by Omega line of cabinetry could well fit what they were looking for, we set up a time for me to visit with them at their home, take measurements and gather information regarding the particular design elements they were looking for.

The McNichols' Kitchen :: BEFORE

Take a look at these "before" pictures. It's pretty obvious that they not only needed an update, they needed a whole new design that would meet their various needs. Why? First of all, all three members of the family are cooks. They each enjoy planning and preparing amazing special dishes. Dean's mom was a professional chef for many years, just recently retired and was missing the well designed kitchen from her former workplace.

Because the current kitchen could not contain all the cookware, utensils, bowls etc., these items were scattered into other rooms and closets causing them to make inconvenient trips into other areas to bring back items they needed to use for their food prep. Then when cleanup was finished, everything had to go back to those areas. JUST too small a kitchen for 3 cooks!

There was very so little usable countertop space so they had set up a makeshift island to help. It may have been functional, but it was an eyesore, not to mention inconvenient!

The room behind the kitchen was not used as an extension of the kitchen, but I saw potential for that space. There was consideration of removing the wall between and extending the kitchen but after working with the overall design I did not feel that was a good direction.

Barb does a great deal of her work at home between her trips to the main office in another state. She needed a large desk with some file drawers, place for her laptop etc. The tiny tablespace was just too small for this.

There was also a need to have a place for lots of spices and unique herbs, etc. PLUS, of course, cookbooks AND...exercise equipment? Yes!

The challenge was to accommodate all of these things while creating a great deal of storage so that all the items in other rooms could have a convenient, easily accessible place within the space we had. There was no way to expand the width of the area but that unused room had potential for storage.

The McNichols' Finished Kitchen

What followed was collaboration on the different design elements I presented, making changes to better fit their needs as we determined them to be, choosing cabinets, wood, stain and countertops. Once we were all in agreement on design, cabinetry, pricing etc. we moved forward, placing the order and setting the timeline.

Dean did a lot of the physical remodel himself, using his own electrician and plumber. They did a great job getting everything ready for the cabinetry and countertops. The end result is a kitchen fit for 2 really good cooks and 1 professional chef and food enjoyed by all.

Final Thoughts from Joy

It was my privilege to work with the McNichols and create with them a kitchen they will enjoy for many, many years to come.

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