The Sengers

This kitchen is much like MANY all over Colorado Springs. You enter through the front door and find vaulted ceilings with vaults meeting at the peak in the center of the large room. Walls divide the living room from the kitchen and often from the dining area as well. These partial, non-supporting walls have electrical and vent work within them, but they can come down, opening the area to one large room.

Paul and Kathy wanted the walls gone and wanted to do much of that work themselves. I worked with them to re-design the area into a very large kitchen to include a large island, pantry storage, and special features in their new cabinets. Kathy was resourceful in doing research before she came to me, so she knew much of what she wanted—just not how to make it all work.

These first six pictures, taken by Paul, show you much of what was there BEFORE the walls came down. The kitchen area, as you will see, was small and confining with VERY limited storage and countertop space.

Paul & Kathy's Kitchen :: BEFORE

Phase 1 :: Demolition

The next 8 pictures give you an idea of the process of removing the walls and the beams on the ceiling, then preparing the room for new flooring. Most do not recognize that the type of beams they had were actually fake and could be easily removed without structural damage. You can see from the photos how the beams were created; it’s plain to see how easy they are to remove.

Please note the flooring, which is a problem we often run into when remodeling. All those multi-layers of flooring need to be removed before new flooring can go in.

Phase 2 :: Finished Kitchen

That brings us to their completed kitchen. As you view the different pictures, note the beautifully amazing tiger-wood flooring and the Cambria Quartz countertops. Their cabinets are from Dynasty by Omega. Here's a view as you come through the front door. Now THAT is vastly different from the before pictures with all the walls that sectioned the room off.

What’s really special about this kitchen is what is inside the cabinets. One unusual area is an entry closet created from a typical tall pantry cabinet:

A standard tall cabinet is only 24" deep, 22-1/2" on the inside, which is insufficient for hanging clothes. So, we made the cabinet 27" deep and put a hanging bar in the lower section along with a few shelves top and bottom—now you have a very nice coat closet!

The next area is the multi-storage area built over on the garage wall. Look at the storage possibilities inside those cabinets!

Some of the other special storage areas include tray dividers above the ovens, which solves the problem of the impossible blind corner.

See how the blind corner opens, and the first section pulls out, then folds left? You can reach inside and bring roll out shelves forward, allowing total access to everything stored in that awkward blind corner. Above the ovens are the tray dividers, and in the corner wall, a lazy Susan sits with adjustable shelves.

Moving to the island, they put in a large gas cooktop with a large retractable downdraft system behind. Now they’re all set for those big family meals!

Also on the island, note the large drawers where Kathy keeps her pots and pans. Over to the left of the cooktop, we have a pull out for her many essential spices.

Moving to the left side of the island, we see seating for two. On the back side, we have more seating. Underneath the overhang on the backside are storage cabinets with roll out shelves.

Final Thoughts from Joy

As with any major project, not everything went perfectly smooth, BUT the end result is Paul and Kathy's dream kitchen. With the exception of a few minor things, Kathy's comment, when I asked her what she'd change if she had it to do all over again was "Nothing!”

Our goal at Kitchens by Design is to work closely with EVERY client to achieve the very best possible end results. Whether it is a large project like this one or a small one like many of our others, the process is the same. We work TOGETHER with our clients to make sure that when we conclude a project, our clients not only feel they have received the very best quality and service for their investment, but that they will enjoy their new kitchen for many, many years to come.

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